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                                                                         Ladies State Challenge   Rules & Regulations
These are the basic rules and regulations for the ADC and HD  Ladies State Challenge. 
The ADC and HD reserves the right to disqualify any and all teams and/or players who do not comply by the rules and regulations set forth below.  There will be no exceptions.
1. All participants must live within the state to be eligible.
2. All 9 players and the alternate must be listed prior the event 
3. It is permissible for teams to participate with fewer than the required number of players, as long as the opposing team agrees and presents an equal numbers of players.
4.There is a minimum requirement of 6 players for the Challenge to be legal.
5. All teams are required to play away and home.
6. All teams must have a Team Captain.
Match Instructions:
All matches are best of 3 legs. 
The format for games are as follows:   (formats will be decided prior to match play)
501 straight start - double finish
Singles 301 double start and double finish.
Doubles cricket
501 singles straight start  double finish.
601 triples straight start double finish. 
701 triples single start double finish.
Each singles game won is valued at one point.
Additional Requirements
Unless score keepers are provided by the home/hosting team both teams will be responsible for scoring, by alternating players from both teams.  Home team scores first match, Away team scores second match and so forth.
The home bar must have at least 2 boards set. One or two boards may be used during the match depending on time restraints given to the home team by the venue owner/manager.
Determining Match Start
*There is a maximum allowance of nine darts per player to warm-up  prior to start of each match. 
 1. Each set will start by throwing the cork. 
 2. Coin flip will determine the throwing order for the bull.
3. The winner of the bull shall throw first in the leg.
 4. In the second leg, the loser of the first leg has an option 1st or 2nd for bull. 
 5. In third leg, the loser of the original toss will have choice to throw for bull.
*Darts bouncing of or falling out of the board shall not be thrown again, and do not count in score.
Should a player touch any dart which is in the dartboard during a throw, that throw shall be deemed to have been completed. (Do not touch the dart, this includes bending it down to show which side of the wire the dart is on.  Scorekeepers are also to refrain from touching darts in the board).
Players, Scorekeepers and Announcers are inside the playing area, as needed.
Opposing Players must stand at least two feet behind the players at the Oche.
Dress Code:
1. Team shirts are required.
2. All shirts must have collared shirt with sleeves.
3. Full length slacks or neat skirt, (dark colors only).
4. Shoes must be a dark color.
5. No open toe shoes at all will be permitted unless a medical reason
Monetary Support
All teams will be responsible for generating the funds to support travel for themselves and their team. Ie sponsorship, raffles, LOD's etc.
* We are working to make this event one that will payout in the future but at this time we are still a new and very small entity. We appreciate all the support your teams participation will help towards that goal.

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