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                                                                                            Jenn Cocchi


  I caught the “dart bug” back in 2009.  In my hometown of Astoria, I joined the Blackbird’s dart team.  As a teacher by day, I quickly became the student by night. I knew how to throw but I had to learn the strategy.  Slowly I began to get more comfortable with the game. As my confidence grew, my game improved. I soon became captain of the team and the following year I was female MVP for Queensborough Darts Association.

  I knew I needed to be challenged more so I joined a PDSL league.  This was not an easy lesson. I think the most important aspect of darts is consistency.  I certainly took loses here but by the end of the season, I was pushing my opponents to all 25 games.  


  So I continued to challenge myself and I started playing in the Ladies DPNY.  These ladies have incredible talent. The first season I chalked up to lesson learned.  My second season I won in the Ladies DPNY #3 finals and earned enough points to qualify to be in the top 8 final event. I was knocked out in the first round but the experience of this event was awesome.  I later joined the Long Island Dart Tour and New York Dart League.

 During the Ladies DPNY events I was introduced to the ADO calendar.  So I started travelling the country. My first event was the Memorial Las Vegas Open.  Here I found out what line intimidation was. Standing at the oche, knowing you are playing a top shot in the country is grueling.  Learning to take a deep breath and playing your game is easier said then done. As I continue to travel around the US, this is something I continue to work on.


  Up to this point, my most significant accomplishments have been being part of the NY State Ladies Team 2017, and 1st place in the Ladies Double event for the Greater Philadelphia Open Dart Tournament 2017, having a 12 dart out during a PDSL event in 2017 and winning the first qualifier of the 2016 VA Beach Darts Classic Women’s Pro Cricket.


This is such a great and frustrating game.  As a friend once said, on any given day you could be winner.  That’s what keeps bringing me back.

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