About Atlantis Dart Club 

      Established in New York City in 2009 as an independent entity, the Atlantis Dart Club (ADC) is committed to support and promote the ongoing growth of women's dart nationally and internationally. While maintaining a respectable win percentage, women have had to compete in a predominantly men's arena. Women's presence at events has gained much acceptance from not only the venues, but the media as well, but the need to support and promote primarily women's darts is very important. Thus the foundation of the ADC was formed.
       The ADC does not require a membership and its events are open to all women dart players. Our focus is to bring positive support and great exposure to the world of women's darts. The ADC has also created a " players profile" page that consists of nationally and locally ranked players, listing their achievements in the dart world. As the ADC moves forward, many tournaments, exhibitions, and promotions are being scheduled in the near future.
       Although our main objective is to promote women's darts, in general the ADC supports and respects all dart players regardless of gender, age or ability level. Currently, the ADC is not sanctioned or affiliated by any governing body but supports all players who participate in sanctioned and non-sanctioned events.  


      The ADC assumes no responsibility for accidents or injury on the premises of any ADC run or sponsored event.
                              ADC reserves the right to add to or amend the ADC tournament ruls at any time. 
                                                          Gambling is not permited in any ADC events.
  The Atlantis Dart Club is an independant entity. Currently, the ADC is not Sanctioned or affiliated with any governing body. Even as such,
     we will support all players who will be particpating in all sanctionsed and non sanctioned events and tournaments.

New York City

1239 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10027

       212-663- 0505


Via Andrea Costa, 12, 35124 Padova PD, Italy

 +39 049 690420

 205 W 14th St  New York, NY 10011

Phone(212) 229-2122

      Holly Young


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