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                                 Ladies State Challenge


       The “Ladies State Challenge” was conceived by Holly Young and Suzana Kovach years before its coming to fruition.The main idea behind the event was to promote ladies darts but also have the competitiveness that we know lady dart players bring to the table. What better way than having the opportunity to represent your own state? 


       The first event saw NY vs MA and took place in Manhattan at McHales.  The teams consisted of 9 handpicked players from both states and the format was set up similar to league play.  The ladies played games of 01 and cricket, teams and singles in a race to 7.  McHales was able to stream the event, with 700+ viewers tuned in to watch Massachusetts win the inaugural event.  Plans were already set in motion for the next year.  


        Unfortunatley due to scheduling problems and changes made to the roster the event was held up until 2015.  In the meantime talks with NJ were already taking place.  In late 2013 Holly moved to PA and also started recruiting players to form an additional team. Trying to get enough women to commit was difficult in PA and NJ, however they both managed to come together in time to play in early fall in 2015.  


        In summer of this year NY headed up to MA for a rematch of the previous event held in NY in 2013.  PA and NJ continued to plan for their coming event in September.  Once again both events were a tremendous success.  The players gave it their all and had a fabulous time. 


        Suzana and Holly have been working hard to see that this event continues to grow and thrive.  Working on a set of rules and guidelines to help the event stay enjoyable but also have a professional feel so that it will attract sponsorship and teams from all around the US.  As with any new venture it is a work in progress. Team OH is already being assembled and players from the Carolina regions have expressed interest as well.  


     Suzana and Holly would like to thank the sponsors that have already assisted in making the event possible. Thank you to McHales, L-Style, NineDart Out and the Art of Tint. 

BY: Holly Young


     If any ladies out there are interested in finding out more about this event or would like to participate,

        you can email   Holly at

                                    Suzana at

 Ladies State Challenge Gallery 


Holly  Young 

Suzana Kovach

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